Easily Seals These Typical Case Styles
Model G-950 Random Case Sealer
(Regular Slotted Container)
Full Telescoping (Half Slotted Container)

In today's fast-paced world, Sims Case Sealers are the smart choice for your packing and shipping needs. When a high performance case sealer is a must, the Sims Model 950 Automatic Random Case Sealing Machine excels in performance.
Proven reliable, the Model 950 is specially designed for both light and heavy industrial applications. The sturdy welded construction ensures strength and durability. It is the perfect choice for a demanding line requiring flexibility and intelligence.

The SimsCase Sealing Machine can seal nearly any package regardless of size and form. Intelligent features of the Model 950 help maximize the sealer's performance so that a quick, professional and secure seal is applied every time.

The Sims Hot Melt Case Sealing Machine can meet your most demanding requirements. It will prove its worth in your plant.

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Features and Advantages:
  • Fully automatic random sealer
    Hot Melt Top & Bottom
    Speeds up to 16 to 20 cases per minute in random mode
    Draw bar driven
    Adjustable pnuematic compression while glueing
    Self centering lid lifter for over filled cartons
    Automatic indexing
    Programmable logic controller
    Operator control panel available on either side
    Emergency stop switches on both sides
    Minor maintenance requiring less down time
    Installation and service video included
    OPTIONS: Hot Melt or Tape Closure
DIMENSIONS: 94" long x 47" wide x 75" high
CONVEYOR HEIGHT: 24" minimum 33" maximum
Extra strength welded tubing and 11 Guage Metal Painted or Stainless
ELECTRICAL: 208/230/480V, 60 HZ, 3 phase
CONTROL LOGIC: Programmable logic controller
TAPE HEAD: Sims Patented Tape Head
TAPE WIDTH: 2" standard, 3" optional
TAPE ROLL: Maximum diameter 14"
BELT SPEED: 120 feet per minute is standard
CASE SPEEDS: 16-20 cases per minute

Minimum 14" L x 11" W x 6" H
Maximum 22" L x 16" W x 15" H

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